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So you want a hot stripper or waitress for your Bucks, Birthday, Guys Night or Work-Do? Well we can certainly help with that. Take a look at the hot girls below and give us a call.

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  • Topless Waitress $160h / Nude Waitress $240/h
  • Nude Bucks/Birthday Strip $400 *can just go topless if required
  • Deluxe Nude Cream & Wax Strip $450
  • Pearl or Vibe $550
  • Fruit n Veg $600
  • Pearl & Vibe Strip $650
  • Full Works Strip (all above in one) $700
  • Duo Shows double the prices above +$100, eg. Duo Nude Strip 2 x $400 + $100 = $900

*Travel outside the metro area generally charged around $50/h return.

Call us now on 0411 440 999


Services and Descriptions

Topless Waitress $160h / Nude Waitress $240/h

The girls will guarantee a great time, keeping drinks topped up while also providing a visual spectacular!

Length: 2 hours minimum booking

Get this if: You want to get to know your girl or you need a pre stripper warm up.


Nude Bucks/Birthday Strip $400

Most popular for mixed crowd birthdays

Your girl will perform an erotic dance, gradually removing all of her clothes. She will then perform a sensual dance for you while completely naked. You can choose to just go topless if you wish.

Approx: 15 minutes

Get this if: You have family around. Suitable for 18th and 21st Birthdays with mixed crowd.


Deluxe Nude Cream & Wax Strip $450

Popular for bucks parties on a budget

As with the bucks / birthday strip this strip starts with a sexy striptease for her finale your dancer will smooth cream all over her body, this show involves more open leg work and more explicit dance moves. A little bit messier but a whole lot sexier!

Approx: 20 minutes

Get this if: You want the raunchier end of the M rated shows.


Pearl or Vibe $550

This very explicit show will begin with a tantalizing striptease after which the dancer will make use of her vibrator or favourite toy, OR… Prior to her show the lovely lady will have inserted a string of pearls which at the end of her show she will select a member of the audience to assist her in removing. This is an explicit and exciting show!

Approx 25 minutes

Get this if: You want to step into the R rated shows!


Fruit n Veg $600

For this very explicit show the girl will perform a sizzling strip followed by the insertion of a sexy selection of fruit and vegetables.

Approx: 30 minutes

Get this if: You’ve seen the Pearls and Vibrators before.


Pearl & Vibe Strip $650

This show is extremely explicit and involves plenty of nudity. This striptease involves all of the fantastic features of both the Pearl Strip and the Vibrator Strip.

Approx: 30 minutes

Get this if: You can’t decide between Pearls or Vibrators or want both!


Full Works Strip (all above in one) $700

Most popular show for majority of buck parties

This ultimate strip involves all of the features from the Hot Cream Strip, Pearl and Vibrator Strip and the Fruit and Vegetable Strip. An awe inspiring infusion of nudity and explicit moves and that will leave you speechless. XXX –Rated!

Approx: 35-40 minutes

Get this if: You want to see it all. For wild crowds only!


Duo Shows $900 to $1,500

For the most wild bucks parties only!

Any of the above strip shows above can be performed by 2 (or more!) girls. There will be some light/moderate/full-on interaction between the dancers. The girls will perform all of the highlights featured in each of the strip shows with the added advantage two girls!

Pricing is based on double the prices of other shows +$100, eg. Duo Full Works Strip 2 x $700 + $100 = $1,500

Approx: 20 to 45 minutes depending upon which show

Get this if: One girl just isn’t enough!


Call us now on 0411 440 999


The wildest Bucks Parties in Perth all choose Perth Stripper! We are known across town for having the hottest, professional and most reliable strippers and topless waitresses. We’re sure you’ve already taken a look at the girls and have a list of favourites already, call us now on the number listed above.

Whether you are looking for a skimpy or topless waitress, basic Birthday striptease, XXX Bucks strip or lesbian strip show for your next party or function, we have the girls you are looking for. These gorgeous exotic dancers are ready to go and can cater for any fantasy you may have! The best Bucks Nights begin with Perth Stripper!

Our exclusive list of strippers and waitresses are some of the top girls you will find across Australia. We have adult industry award winners both local and nationally, FHM and Zoo magazine cover and feature girls, expo and stage performers. You are assured that you are booking the best for your very own bucks party. They come complete with fun, friendly and down-to-earth personality along with their stunningly good looks.

So, do you prefer cute blondes, sexy brunettes, ravishing redheads or maybe even bubbly and brightly coloured. Are you a boobs or legs and arse man? Pale and pretty or tanned and tattooed? A sexy nurse, school girl or French maid? The choices are endless. Can’t settle on just one, well why not book a couple of girls if you think your boys can handle it!

So go ahead and give us a call to begin your booking. So you’re the Best Man, there’s no point wasting time, don’t leave it until the last minute and miss out on your preferred girls. No one wants to be left without some quality birds on the big night or doing the last minute call around. Let’s get things rolling, get some details down, waitresses and strippers organised and locked in and then you can get on to your other important things like sorting out that keg! We know you need some truly talented girls and we guarantee that they will be the best in town. Make your Buck a happy man and get a slap on the back from all you mates, book a stripper with Perth Stripper!



So you’re the fella in charge of organising things and you’ve never hired a stripper before. We’re sure you have a few question to ask. Read on below and we’ll give you a quick run down of what girls tend to ask us the most.


Q. What is the waitress or stripper booking Process?

A. It’s best you initially give us a call on 0411 440 999 and we can provide you more information, answers to your questions and guide you through the booking process. Generally, once we answer your questions, you are welcome to request a particular stripper. We suggest choosing a couple of girls to avoid disappointment in heavily booked seasons. If the particular girl(s) is/are available, then you are more than welcome to book them for your bucks party.


Q. Do we need to pay a deposit?

A. Yes, bookings are not complete until a deposit is received. Obviously we suggest paying your deposit as soon as you can to book your requested stripper at your preferred time. Deposit range from $80 to $150 per girl depending upon what you book exactly.


Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Deposits are generally non-refundable except under the following circumstances – three weeks before the party date OR within 48 hours of placing the booking.


Q. How long is the show?

A. Shows are range in length depending upon how much you pay and how raunchy you get. They range between 15 and 45 minutes… which is a long time to take your clothes off for! As each show is for a different audience the length can vary slightly depending upon the crowd, size of the space available, costume, type of show booked and individual performer.

Q. Are we allowed to take photos/videos?


A. Girls generally do not allow photos whilst waitressing or during a strip show. If you are caught taking photos without permission then the girl may cancel the rest of her waitressing or cancel the performance. A refund will not be given. Don’t be that guy that ruins it for all his mates. It is polite and suggested that you ask the individual waitress or performer before she begins. Each individual is different and may allow some photos at given points.


Q. Are we allowed a mixed audience / women in the crowd?

A. Of course we understand that Birthday parties are mixed crowds and sometimes straight and/or gay females may be present. If this will be the case for your party, please inform us when calling. Most performers will have no problems whatsoever but at least we can filter out any that may feel uncomfortable performing in front of other females. This is usually only a problem at younger age Birthday parties.


Q. What else do I need to organise?

A. On the evening please have a clean spare room or bathroom available for the perform to change in both before and after the show. Toilets, garages and outside are not good example of a change room!


Q. Do you take country bookings?

A. Yes, we take regional bookings all over the state but please understand that performers will require adequate compensation for their travel time and fuel. we charge $50/h there and back – again, this covers their time an fuel. Also, if you are really far away, you may be required to provide accommodation overnight or a bus/train/plane ticket.