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So you need a sexy male stripper or topless waiter for your Hens Night, Birthday, Ladies Night or Work-Do? Well we can certainly help with that. Take a look at the buff guys below and give us a call.

Why are you still reading? Scroll down the page to see some the finest male strippers and topless waiters Perth has to offer!

Many more guys available that aren’t shown on website due to professional privacy. Please call for further details, photos and availability.


  • Topless/Hotpants/G-String Waiters $110/h
  • Full Monty Nude Strip $280
  • Add-on:
    • Strawberries & Cream / Deluxe +$50
    • G-String/Hotpants only show -$20
  • Duo Shows double the prices above +$100, eg. Duo Full Monty Strip 2 x $280 + $100 = $660

*Travel outside the metro area generally charged around $50/h return.

Call us now on 0411 209 999

Services and Descriptions

Topless/Hotpants/G-String Waiters $110/h

A popular pre-strip show staple for hens parties

If skin is your thing you’ll be thrilled to know our sexy waiters are more than happy to strip down to a sexy g-string for you. A lot more cheeky than hotpants and we guarantee you won’t be able to take your eyes off our boys’ beautiful brawny bums!

Length: 2 hours minimum booking

Get this if: You want to get to know your man or you need a pre stripper warm up.

Deluxe Full Monty Strip $330

For the most wild hens parties!

For the food lover in us all why not indulge two passions at once and have a little taste of a strawberry and cream strip? This steamy, interactive dessert course is best served red hot and right off the firm body of your favourite man. Your hen can place the strawberries, then sit back while the bridesmaids tuck in.

Approx: 15 – 20 mins

Get this if: You want more crowd involvement!

Nude Full Monty Strip $280

Most popular show for hens parties and older birthdays

Like to see more? It’s all part of the package with a Full Monty Strip. Our boys aren’t shy and this explicit show will leave you flabbergasted, dumbfounded and dazed. The Full Monty Strip will begin the same as the Male Striptease only for his finale your man will drop even his g-string to reveal the Full Monty! Extremely exciting and X-rated!

Approx: 15 – 20 minutes

Get this if: The crowd is a little more wild! Suitable for 30th, 40th, 50th +

Deluxe Hotpants/G-String Strip $310

For the food lover in us all why not indulge two passions at once and have a little taste of a strawberry and cream strip? This steamy, interactive dessert course is best served red hot and right off the firm body of your favourite man. Your hen can place the strawberries, then sit back while the bridesmaids tuck in.

Approx: 15 – 20 minutes

Get this if: You want more crowd involvement!

Hotpants/G-String Strip $260

Most popular for mixed crowd birthdays and younger crowds

The classic male strip and all-time favourite for a hand’s on experience. Your man will perform an intense dance routine in which he will slowly strip down to nothing but a very revealing g-string! Nothing brings out the finely chiselled muscles of these bad boys like the sheen of hot oil on their skin. And imagine being the lucky one who gets to rub it in, audience participation is definitely encouraged!

Approx: 15 minutes

Get this if: The bride is a little nervous. Suitable for 18th and 21st Birthdays with mixed crowd.

Call us now on 0411 209 999

Are you enjoying taking a look at our sexy male strippers all of whom are available for your Hens Night or Birthday Party? So you are already planning the most amazing Hens Party in Perth – you’ve got your theme, organised the games, got your location, booked the limo and got yourself on the door at your favourite nightclub… all that’s left to do is book that super hot male stripper to make your night complete!

Too make sure it’s completely fun packed and all your girls are having the best time possible, you know you need the hottest male stripper in Perth! Let’s stop and think for a second… would you like a Fireman or Cop stripper, a hung hunk or one that’s got the “moves like Jagger”! Either way, we’re sure you are chasing a chiselled male stripper, not just any guy, but that one that is going to make your night special. Well we have just the men, full of confidence, personality, party tricks, fully choreographed routines and dance moves. So get your cameras ready girls, you’re not going to want to forget this night!

We’ve got a number of themes available for you such as: red hot Fireman, speeding ‘fine’ Cop, wild west Cowboy, get you wet Sailor boy, hiding in the bushes Military man, Channing Tatum Magic Mike, sharp dressed man in a Suit, very Hard Working Man, take me higher Pilot. We suggest you create your theme and then pick a man to complement your evening.


So you’re the maid of honour and you’ve never hired a male stripper before. We’re sure you have a few question to ask. Read on below and we’ll give you a quick run down of what girls tend to ask us the most.

Q. What is the male stripper booking Process?

A. It’s best you initially give us a call on 0411 209 999 and we can provide you more information, answers to your questions and guide you through the booking process. Generally, once we answer your questions, you are welcome to request a particular male stripper and/or theme. We suggest choosing a few guys to avoid disappointment in heavily booked seasons. If the particular guy(s) is/are available, then you are more than welcome to book them for your hens party.

Q. Do we need to pay a deposit?

A. Yes, bookings are not complete until a deposit is received. Obviously we suggest paying your deposit as soon as you can to book your requested male stripper at your preferred time. Deposit range from $75 to $110 per guys depending upon what you book exactly.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. Deposits are generally non-refundable except under the following circumstances – three weeks before the party date OR within 48 hours of placing the booking.

Q. What is the difference between the Calvin and Full Monty Shows?

A. The ‘Calvin’ show is down to underwear, hotpants or g-string only. It is suitable for younger crowds, older crowds and mixed crowds such as Birthday parties.

Q. How long is the show?

A. Shows are generally around the 15 minute mark… which is a long time to take your clothes off for! As each show is for a different audience the length can vary slightly depending upon the crowd, size of the space available, costume, type of show booked and individual performer. Some performers may do up to and over 20 minutes, please ask for more information.

Q. Are we allowed to take photos/videos?

A. It is polite and suggested that you ask the individual performer before he begins the show. Each individual is different and may or may not allow photos during the show or at particular times during the performance (such as when fully nude). Performers are generally happy to accommodate some photos/videos during and after the strip show.

Q. Are we allowed a mixed audience / men in the crowd?

A. Of course we understand that Birthday parties are mixed crowds and sometimes straight and/or gay males may be present. If this will be the case for your party, please inform us when calling. Most performers will have no problems whatsoever but at least we can filter out any that may feel uncomfortable performing in front of other males. This is usually only a problem at younger age Birthday parties.

Q. What else do I need to organise?

A. On the evening please have a clean spare room or bathroom available for the perform to change in both before and after the show. Toilets, garages and outside are not good example of a changeroom!

Q. Do you take country bookings?

A. Yes, we take regional bookings all over the state but please understand that performers will require adequate compensation for their travel time and fuel. we charge $50/h there and back – again, this covers their time an fuel. Also, if you are really far away, you may be required to provide accommodation overnight or a bus/train/plane ticket.